Environment and CSR

Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan is a not-for-profit trust supported by the Jaypee Group that supports socio-economic development and education initiatives through its Comprehensive Rural Development Program.

At Vishnuprayag site, the sense of responsibility towards the society has found expression in several ways.

  • The company has engaged into social activities like building of schools and providing free medical facility to surrounding villages.
  • The company has provided employment opportunities to the local people in both skilled and unskilled categories.
  • The company has also aided to the development of infrastructure facilities such as bridges and motorable roads.
  • Road blockades, which are a perennial problem in the area especially in winters, are removed quickly to restore traffic.
  • The project has also opened up direct and indirect employment opportunities for the local people. Some people have also indirectly benefited from the project due to expansion of roads, construction of bridges leading to an increase in transport facilities, increase in business opportunities, etc.
  • The roads have expanded resulting in improved transportation facilities, road blockades during heavy snowfall are removed immediately, access to and from villages has improved resulting in an improved access to health and education facilities, and the employment opportunities coupled with business opportunities in the area have also improved.
  • Funds and expertise for upgrading existing schools in the region and for developing new ones have been provided under the project and health care facilities in the form of a hospital, dispensary, doctors and medical staff as well as free medicines have been arranged by the company in the vicinity of the project for the benefit of the people of adjoining villages.

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