CSR Strategy
Being a responsible corporate entity we are committed to doing our bit to contribute wholeheartedly towards sustainable development of the society & to create better opportunities with social equality for all in our immediate neighbourhood.

Attending to the medical and educational needs of the populace in our neighbourhood constitutes the core of our CSR initiatives. Our CSR initiatives also help in conserving the environment and contributing towards women empowerment. The pandemic no doubt has impacted our CSR activities.

Our Initiatives

Healthcare. We run a well equipped hospital with trained doctors and medical staff. The hospital has pathological, radio graphical and surgical facilities. Three modern ambulances are available for medical evacuation of patients. The hospital provides free medical services (including medicines) to over 40,000 patients annually. The annual CSR healthcare budget is of the order of Rs 50 lakh.

Hospital JNSTPP, Nigrie
Out Patient Care
In Patient Care
Medicine Center

Education. Around 450 students study at the two schools in our campus, viz; Jay Jyoti School (CBSE Class X, English Medium) & Sardar Patel Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya (State Board Class X, Hindi Medium). The schools have well developed modern infrastructure for all around development of the children. Free uniforms, books, scholarship and mid-day meals are provided to students of Sardar Patel Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya. We have also extended financial aid of Rs 25,000/- to Gopad Viklang Shiksha Vikas Samiti, in Village Katai.

Sardar Patel Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Class X, State Board)
Jay Jyoti School
(Class X, CBSC)
Mid Day Meal in Sardar Patel Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya

Environment. Over the years we have planted over 5 lakh trees in the plant and township. 50,000 trees are added every year. We have embarked on creating a Herbal & Medicinal Park over an area of 5 acres. 144 Hectares of land has been set aside for plantations (including orchards). The effluent of our sewage treatment plant is used for the plantations and gardens. We also have created vermi-compost pits to produce manure and have operationalised a rain water harvesting project recently. We supply over 10 lakh metric tons of fly ash (an important construction material) free of cost to interested parties.

Herbal Garden - Over 5 Acres, 7000 Plants

Employment Skills. The Kutir Udyog in our Township runs tailoring classes for women. The scope of activities in Kutir Udyog is being enlarged in consultation with our stakeholders.

Kutir Udyog
Tailoring Class in Progress
Tailoring Class in Progress

Religious & Cultural Initiatives. Our areas of worship ; Lord Shiv Temple, Lord Shani Temple and Sankat Mochan Sthal surrounded by a lake are immensely popular amongst devotees. . We also run a Gaushala in our Township premises.

Loard Shiv Parvati Temple
Loard Hanuman Temple
Loard Shani Temple
Vishwakarma Pujan
Durga Pujan
Holika Pujan
Mahashivratri Pujan

Rural Development. We have undertaken numerous infrastructural projects in our neighbourhood. We have constructed a bridge in Niwas Village, a Kitchen Shed in Viklang Vidyalaya, Katai and a PCC Road at Papal Hrijan Basti, Village –Papal. A community hall, a temple and a clinic has been constructed in Aawaas Colony.

PCC Road - Papal Hariajn Basti
Kitchen Shed in Viklang Vidyalaya, Katai
Bridge on Road Niwas-Hardi Marg
Gambhir Talab Ghat Nirman-Niwas