Power Generation

As the Indian economy continues to surge ahead, its power sector has been expanding concurrently to support the growth rate. The demand for power is growing exponentially and the scope for the growth of this sector is immense.

Jaypee Group forayed in power sector after reforms had begun in the country and private sector was invited to participate in the beginning of the 8th five year plan. It has been a pioneer in this sector and its performance outshines those of its peers. During the 8th five year plan (1992 to 1997), the total power added was 16422 MW, out which private sector contribution was 1430 MW. In the 9th five year plan (1997-2002), a total of 19015 MW power was added to the grid and 5061 MW (hydro – 86 MW and Thermal – 4975) was added by the private sector. The 10th five year plan saw an addition of 19011 MW to the country’s national grid. Out of which the private sector added a total of 1931 MW (hydro – 700 MW and Thermal – 1231 MW). The entire 700 MW of hydropower added in the 10th plan five year plan was by the Jaypee Group.как узнать модель ноутбука леновомегафон сообщениеФильчаков Александр Васильевич